Bunch of Flowers









Bunch of flowers


Lighting setup for the photo “Bunch of Flowers


Bunch of flowers - Lighting Setup

Equipment Used

1) Camera & Lens : Nikon D300 with Nikon 35–70mm f2.8 lens set at 35mm. and Phottix Strato wireless  transmitter..

2)  Phottix Shoot through Umbrella (40”) 

3) Main Light : Nikon SB800 Speedlight triggered using Phottix Strato wireless receiver

4) Fill Light  :Nikon SB28DX Speedlight triggered using Phottix Strato wireless receiver

5) Lastolite White and Gold Reflector (Golden side used)

6) Bunch of flowers placed on a blue colored board


This is one of my favorite macro shot…….



While you are reading this article I would like you to ponder on the  thought

“Do you take photographs or do you make photographs, Do you capture the scene as you see it, Or are you creating the scene……” 

… It was a  sunny morning and this flower was in the open shade outside my home in Kerala,India.  To add a little drama to the the otherwise uninteresting and dark background , I used a Nikon SB800 flash with a LumiQuest snoot on it to produce a narrow shaft of light which lighted the  flowers and added a little contrast to the background..

The NIKON SB800 was fired remotely(wireless ) with a power output of +0.7 ,my sister helped in holding the flash as I did not  have my light stand with me

Exposure Setting : 1/125s f/8, ISO 400, Remote Flash TTL +0.7 EV.

Equipment Used : Nikon D300, Tamron 90mm f2.8 D macro lens,  Nikon SB800 Flash ,LumiQuest Snoot.

See the image below with the dark background ……


* A Snoot is a light modifiers capable of limiting light dispersal to a narrow angle of coverage.



Let me know what you think about this article …. was it useful……

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Yesterday was another hot day in Dubai and I was out in the Creek Park in the morning on my weekly assignment of improving my Vision & Craft .I didn’t feel like moving around in the park looking for subjects as it was very hot.I decided to shoot the birds in the park and found a spot where i thought most of the birds in the park flocked . Kitten

After a long wait of more than an hour, I  was beginning to feel disappointed as I did not get any good pictures .I packed my gear and was about to leave the park just when this small kitten sprang up from nowhere, it was hiding behind the rocks which you see as a white band surrounding  it in the photo.For a while it posed for me and I quickly took a few pictures of the kitten, it then went back to its hiding place and it started peeping at me through the rocks.
That’s when I  took this picture….

Hope you like it…

Few other images of the kitten…

kitten_blog_2 kitten_blog_3

Hi there,

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